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In 1994, the work to carve out Crescent Springs Farm from the 50 year old Crestvine Vineyard, along with the briers and brambles associated with rural South Carolina, began as the vision of owners Jay and Katie Wilson. The Wilson’s finished their home and moved-in in 1996 with their three daughters and soon were raising two Suffolk bottle lambs. 

This ultimately fulfilled a dream that started decades earlier. Jay’s passion for the farm life started as a young boy when he would shadow his Grandpa on his hillside farm in Southeast Ohio. Jay lived and worked on a family friend’s farm in the summers of his high school years, was active in National FFA (formerly known as Future Farmers of America) where he raised and showed sheep at the county fair. This all led to a B.S. in Agriculture. Jay retired in June 2020 after more than 37 years in the food and packaging business which gave him a front row seat to the food chain in North America and around the world.

Ironically, Katie met Jay on “Ag Campus” during their senior years. After she earned her B.S. in Agriculture, she went on to complete her M.S. degree in Agriculture Economics. Raising the girls became the top priority and once they got to school age, Katie began her career as a teacher at Southside Christian School. She went from Preschool to Kindergarten to middle school science to teaching seniors Economics before she retired after 21 years. Katie also kept things going at Crescent Springs Farm when Jay was traveling which included caring for Paint horses, Suffolk and Katahdin sheep, chickens, steers, and gardening.

As challenging as 2020 was to everyone, it also came with opportunity and the ability to focus on “farming”.  They were reminded of God’s faithfulness, provision, and stewardship principles.  Additional   pasture was established with new fences and gates, the muscadine vineyard was in the best shape since they moved in, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd, which began as pets for grandkids, was expanded along with utilizing goat’s milk to create products from soaps to lotions, the Golden Comet Chicks grew and began laying beautiful brown eggs, and two Belted Galloway heifers, Beezus and Ramona, moved in just after Thanksgiving.

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