Muscadines and Morning Glories

  • I have discovered that one of the many blessings of living and working on a small farm is how God can use “farm life” to point us to His Truths. It can be seen in the simplest and most unexpected ways. Early this morning, before the heat was too oppressive I was doing some hand weeding in the vineyard. Every year prior to the muscadine season, the morning glory flowers try to get a start under the vines. While the flowers are pretty and I love how they open at the first morning rays and close in the afternoon, in the muscadine vineyard they are an invasive perennial weed!. If we are going to have a productive vineyard, we have to be vigilant to hoe them out of each row routinely because if we ignore them, even for a short time, they will begin to climb up over the tops of the muscadine vines like a tangled web stealing scarce water, nutrients and valuable sunshine. The fruit of our vines will suffer as a result. Such a perfect picture and reminder of how sin can creep in to our lives and get a foothold if we are not vigilant. If sin is not identified and addressed and rooted out routinely with the Lord’s help, it can destroy our fruitfulness for Him, just as the morning glory destroys the fruitfulness of the muscadine vine.

That is the Truth that God reminded me of this morning.

Galatians 5:22-25

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